What Is an RV or Motorhome Broker?

Jan 26, 2020 Kevin Johnson Comments Disabled
What Is an RV or Motorhome Broker

As you might know, selling your RV by yourself can take up a huge amount of your time. You will need to make your RV presentable and take many, well lit, good pictures. You will need to have a detailed description of your RV and its specifications. After this you need to determine the value or RV and a fair selling price. This could be proven difficult if you don’t have access to updated RV values that dealers usually have access to.

After all of this you are finally ready to start selling your RV. You might have tried listing in it on websites like Craigslist or the Facebook Marketplace. If you’ve already done this you know the large amount of spam and scam messages that you’re in for. After you’ve sifted through all the spam messages, you will eventually find a couple of solid leads. These leads might turn out to be a buyer, but often times they will not even show up.

Maybe you’ve tried utilizing websites like the popular RV Trader or RVT. These websites are very effective in procuring a buyer for your motorhome, but they do charge a monthly fee! You will often find yourself responding to people that ask if you offer financing or if you would accept their RV as a trade.

We know that being a private motorhome seller can be a huge hassle and eat up large amounts of your time. An RV Broker will take care of ALL of this for you. From cleaning up and staging your motorhome, to taking professional photos. From marketing and selling your motorhome to taking care of loan payoffs, trades, and financing. Your RV Broker will do everything for you. That’s what an RV Broker does!

Learn more about our top rated DFW RV dealership below.

Advertising and Marketing Your RV

First and foremost we have the Your RV Broker website. Our website is extremely quick and reachable on any device. We always include a detailed description of the unit, specifications, lots of professionally taken photos, and a floor plan picture. The site is extremely easy to use and visited by thousands every week!

On top of our website, our inventory also feeds over to industry leading RV listings platforms like RV Trader, RVT, RV Universe, Facebook and Craigslist. Our low overhead allows for a substantial advertising budget. This means that all those beautiful pictures of your motorhome will be seen all over the web! We understand that RV buyers have a lot of options and we value their time. Every time we receive a lead, whether it’s by phone, text or email, we respond quickly!

Don’t forget our extensive database of people looking for a specific motorhome. We have been in the RV industry for decades! We get hundreds of calls and emails every month. Sometimes we do not have the specific motorhome that a customer is looking for, but we save their information in our database. Every time we take a motorhome in on consignment, we reference our database to see if we already have a buyer for it!

Professionally Ran RV Dealership

Our RV dealership location in Justin, TX right behind the Texas Motor Speedway allows us to attract a larger amount of foot traffic. We are also not your typical RV consignment dealer. We only get a small commission paid at the time of the sale. There are no additional dealer fees!

RV financing is available for our buyers! We work with a variety of different RV brokerage firms in order to secure the best financing for our customers. The brokerage firms that we utilize have an extensive network of banks and credit unions. Getting financing for your dream home on wheels has never been easier with Your RV Broker!

We accept trade-ins! We understand that more than half of motorhome buyers already own an RV. You might’ve already tried selling your motorhome by yourself on a website like RV Trader. Chances are that you’ve been asked if you would accept a trade. Eliminate this problem by letting us sell your RV! Your RV Broker accepts trades and offers financing. This makes the sale of your motorhome a whole lot easier.

We also take even more of the hassle of selling a motorhome by offering warranties. A warranty will enhance the chance to sell your motorhome and offer buyers some peace of mind. On top of all of these services we will also take care of payoffs, taxes, and registrations. Our dealership will handle everything!

Utilizing Your RV Broker to consign your RV will save you time and money!