What Are The Different Types Of RV?

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What Are The Different Types Of RV

An RV, or recreational vehicle, is a really great tool for those who have the desire to travel. There are many things that you can do with an RV and many places that become much easier to travel to. The best part? You don’t have to find and book hotel stays for your travels because you basically have a mobile hotel. All you have to do is find somewhere in which you can park.

However, there is not just a single type of RV to choose from. In fact, there are five main categories of RV’s to choose from to meet the preferences of any traveler. To choose the right RV for you, you have to determine what you want from it as well as what you are comfortable with operating.

Types Of RV’s

As you begin your journey to finding the right RV for you to go on grand adventures, you should determine for yourself what, exactly, you will want from your RV. There are three classes of motorized RV’s, also known as motorhomes. Plainly put, they are called motorized because the RV itself is driveable. Then there are two types of RV that are towable: travel trailer and “the fifth wheel”.

Class A RV

Understandably, you may assume that when we start with the Class A RV that you will think it is the smallest. After all, many tier lists often go from smallest to largest. In this case, however, the Class A RV is the largest of the motorhomes. Have you ever seen the large RV’s on the road that look like they could be a bus? That is a Class A RV and among the motorized RV’s, it will hold the most amenities. It has everything you would need on your travels and can easily sleep a large group of people comfortably.

Class B RV

Now the tier list gets even more weird. The Class B RV is actually the smallest of the motorized RV’s. They will usually contain your basic necessities like somewhere to cook and store food. Because of their size they are often referred to as a camper van.

Class C RV

If you are looking for the “in-between” for motorized RV’s, then the Class C RV may be the one for you. These are sizably larger than the Class B so there is a lot more space. Notably, a Class C includes a self-contained toilet and HVAC compared to the Class B.

Travel Trailer RV

Now we get into the realm of the towable RV’s. Keep in mind that the important factor here is towable, and therefore you will have to have a vehicle with the ability to tow it. There are two sub-categories for the travel trailer: a folding trailer and a regular travel trailer. The RV folding trailer is usually smaller, and much more easy to tow. Many of them can even be towed by an SUV. The normal travel trailer is larger and thus comes with more amenities. Depending on the size of it, it is possible to be towed by an SUV but you may require a truck for towing.

The Fifth Wheel RV

The Fifth Wheel RV is the largest size available. Their name is given because of how it attaches to the truck that is towing it. The front of this RV extends over the vehicle that is towing it, usually a truck. Before purchasing a fifth wheel RV, you must ensure you have the correct vehicle to tow it. These RV’s are great for extended stays due to their size and amenities. 

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