Is It Safe To Go RV Camping In Winter?

Nov 28, 2022 Kevin Johnson Comments Disabled
Is It Safe To Go RV Camping In Winter

Most RV travel is commonly associated with warm weather, since many outdoor activities are enjoyed in sunshine and warmer temperatures. However, plenty of RVers enjoy taking their rigs out on the road during the cool winter months to enjoy beautiful, snowy landscapes, get away from the busyness of life and sightsee when popular destinations are a little less crowded.

Here are a few things you’ll want to be sure are taken care of before you set off on your winter RV adventure:

  • Make sure your RV is ready to withstand cold weather
  • Prep your water tanks to prevent freezing
  • Double check your RV seams are properly sealed
  • Pack a kit with emergency provisions

With advanced planning and awareness of issues that may arise during a winter RV trip, it is totally possible (and enjoyable!) to go RV camping over the winter!

Prep Your RV

One of the most crucial elements of making sure your RV is prepped for a winter adventure is to check out the insulation situation. Some RVs are equipped with enough insulation to keep you warm during the winter, but others require you to insulate them manually to keep warm. Insulating floors with rugs and thermal curtains in the windows is a good first step to protecting your space from the frigid winter air. Windows are a main culprit of letting cold air into your RV, so repairing or replacing any damaged seal will also make a difference when trying to keep cold air out.

Prevent Holding Tanks From Freezing

A frozen pipe is no way to enjoy a winter RV trip, so make sure you proactively prepare your water tanks before taking off. A simple solution for the fresh water tank is to simply bring bottled water for drinking, dishes and other hygienic needs.

Pour some antifreeze into any drains in your RV and flush antifreeze down the toilet to prevent the gray water and black water tanks from freezing.

Ensure Your RV Is Properly Sealed

Resealing your RV’s roof, windows, paneling and any seams is one of the most important steps you can take to prepare your RV for upcoming winter travel. A seal that is cracked or missing altogether is definitely going to be responsible for letting in cold air while you’re on the road. Winter travel is the best time to invest in a professional RV service to make sure your seams are set up properly. However, if your seal is in good shape around most of your RV, you may be able to remove old sealant with a utility knife, making sure to thoroughly prepare the area for new sealant. You should invest in RV-specific sealant to make sure your RV has the best seal possible before setting out.

Have Emergency Supplies Ready

In the midst of an emergency is not the time to start making a mental list of emergency supplies for “next time”. Before you hit the road, you should put together a winter emergency kit in case the worst happens. A space heater, prepackaged food, water, blankets and clothing layers should all be on the list of items to keep inside your RV. In an easily accessible place you should also keep chains and an engine block heater for extreme conditions, a white gas stove, shovel and little or gravel in the event your tires are stuck and you need extra traction to get out of a drift.

Winter-Ready RV’s For Sale In DFW

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