Common Beginner RV Questions Answered

Nov 14, 2022 Benjamin Nickel Comments Disabled
Common Beginner RV Questions Answered

As a new or potential RVer, you probably have a thousand different questions swirling through your mind. From how you will shower and cook, to how you will work, care for your family and still make it from one place to the next, there is no shortage of questions about the RV life. Particularly if you are new to considering the RV lifestyle, some of the questions you ask might be a surprise to you and some questions you might not even know that you should be asking!

So we’re going to cover four of the basics that just about every RV newcomer wonders about before they take the plunge:

  • Internet access - will I have to go totally off the grid?
  • Water tanks - I have to do what with what?
  • Laundry - will I be stuck wearing the same clothes for weeks?
  • RV driver’s license - do I need to take another test?

While there’s obviously much more that goes into RVing than these four questions, their answers should be enough to help you feel better about starting down the RV road. Once you feel confident you can handle these surprises, you’ll be ready to take on RV life!

Ways To Access The Internet On The Road

When it comes to being accessible on the road, a hot spot is usually the easiest way to keep internet access available across your devices. But if you find yourself heading for an especially remote area or an area where you aren’t sure if your phone service will reach, having a backup and a backup for your backup is a great idea.

A satellite internet plan or satellite hotspot is the way to go just in case you wander too far from a coverage area. Satellite internet and satellite hotspots might not always be as quick as a regular cellular hotspot, but their coverage reaches much further into the most remote areas.

What Are The Different Water Tanks?

When you first start thinking about the RV life, you’ve either had to face the reality of what taking care of RV water tanks entail or you’re still ignorantly blissful about your future responsibility. There are three water tanks in each RV: the fresh water tank for drinking water and dishes, the gray water tank that holds water that drains from the sinks and shower, and the black water tank that holds toilet waste. More could be said about these tanks, but we’ll save that for another time.

How To Do Laundry In An RV

If you’re going to be on the road for more than a few days at a time, you have probably wondered where you’ll get to do laundry, or if clean laundry is even an option. Thankfully, it sure is! Some RVs come equipped with a washer and maybe even a washer/dryer combo, but if your RV doesn’t have a washer, most RV campsites have laundry facilities that you can use. Worst case scenario and if you are planning a very remote trek, purchase a wash bin for your laundry and wash by hand. Afterall, if you’re that far from civilization, who is there to impress?

Is A Special Driver’s License Required?

A special driver’s license may be required if your RV is a Class A RV and is longer than 40 feet in length and weighs more than 26,000 pounds. If you have a Class B or Class C motorhome then you should be fine to drive with your regular driver’s license. Checking with your local DMV is the best way to make sure you aren’t missing any license or certification you might need before you take off.

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