Best Time Of The Year For RV Shopping

Aug 11, 2022 Benjamin Nickel Comments Disabled
Best Time Of The Year For RV Shopping

Did you know that when purchasing any type of vehicle, certain times of the year are more favorable for a buyer than other times of the year? Even RV sales can be subject to basic supply and demand. If you’re not in a hurry and you’re waiting for the best deal, then going shopping for an RV during some of these times could save you a nice chunk of money.

Still, always do your due diligence no matter how good a deal is. There are steps to take to ensure you are getting a good deal and not being swindled. That aside, here are some of the best times to shop around for an RV according to historical trends.

Fall And Winter: The Quieter Season For RV Buying

A lot of RV sales slow down a bit as Fall settles in, and even more so during the Winter months. This is generally because of the colder months. There are fewer people who want to be traveling around during this season, especially the farther north you get.

Texas is slightly less affected by this, depending on where you live. Still, Texas experiences some crazy weather patterns during Winter so a lot of RVers are still storing their RV’s for the cold months. Since there is a lot less activity when it comes to RV’s, the demand for buying an RV typically goes down. This can lead some RV dealers and sellers to lower prices in order to keep up sales during slow months.

RV Holiday Weekend Deals

Holidays are also a great time to find good deals on RV’s, and the Fall months are full of some of the most popular shopping deals in many industries. In many cases, RV dealerships will run holiday deals so that they can clear more inventory off of a lot. During these deals, you can typically find bigger discounts.

One of the biggest holiday shopping days of the year comes during the Fall: Black Friday. On average, this holiday sees an average increase of sales across the world by over 500%. In recent years, efforts have been made to make this day a bit less chaotic. A lot of Black Friday deals are now throughout the entire week or available online.

RV Shows

Buying at an RV show is a great way to get a good deal on an RV, but you could be limited on your selection. Still, you can find some pretty good deals assuming there are some RV shows in your area. 

One of the best benefits to going to an RV show when you’re looking to buy is to look at numerous different RV models. This allows you to learn a lot about different RV’s and their amenities, as well as some good price points for going to an RV dealership. Just because you go to an RV show doesn’t mean you actually have to buy one!

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