3 Reasons Owning A Winnebago Is Worth It

Oct 17, 2022 Kevin Johnson Comments Disabled
3 Reasons Owning A Winnebago Is Worth It

If you’ve been in the RV world for any amount of time, or even just driven down the highway, chances are the name ‘Winnebago’ has caught your eye on more than one motorhome. As one of the most popular RV brands on the market, Winnebago has long been a standout against competition over the last 60 some years. Here are a few reasons Winnebago owners love these motorhomes and why so many are drawn to this brand:

  • Sporty, innovative craftsmanship
  • High-quality reputation
  • Value that holds over time

If you’ve experienced the convenience, durability and craftsmanship of a Winnebago, you know it’s in a league that is hard to compete with. The very mission of Winnebago is to provide outdoor enthusiasts with sporty, dependable lodging no matter where their adventure leads.

Superior Craftsmanship and Quality

Winnebagos are especially well designed, with one of a kind features that make them particularly durable. Their steel frames guarantee that you’re getting the strongest frame possible, and a frame that will not easily bend or succumb to rough terrain. In addition, a special varnish is used to coat the outside of Winnebagos that helps deter UV rays, while also adding a layer of scratch resistant and water resistant protection.

The innovative characteristics of Winnebago RVs make them a premier standout in the RV community, so it’s no surprise that many buyers veer toward the Winnebago options. When you purchase a Winnebago you can be certain you’ll be getting a top of the line motorhome that will serve your family for years to come.

History Of Manufacturing Good Quality RV’s

Beginning in 1958 as Winnebago Industries, the company began to produce motorhomes built with exceptional quality that would eventually overtake the industry. Now, Winnebago has had its hand in the game of manufacturing RVs for over 60 years and there is no end in sight. Winnebagos are so popular that you might even find the name ‘Winnebago’ to be synonymous with ‘RV’.

Over the years Winnebago has grown and evolved, but one thing has always been the same: innovative, quality-focused RVs with ultimate customer satisfaction in mind. This has been the goal at Winnebago since the beginning and remains still today.

The Resale Value of Winnebago RVs

You may not want to think of saying goodbye to your beloved Winnebago once you’re used to how well it meets your needs, but as time passes your needs change and you might decide that you either need to upgrade your Winnebago or invest elsewhere. It’s true that RVs depreciate fairly quickly over time, even up to 30% and beyond in the first few years after purchasing new! However, if you’re a Winnebago owner you’ll be glad to know that Winnebagos tend to hold their value better than their counterparts.

A few of the reasons for this is that the materials and structure of Winnebagos are built to last. Of course your Winnebago has endured some wear and tear, but compared to other RV brands, Winnebagos generally have less water damage, sun damage and fewer scratches. Other factors that will affect how your Winnebago resales are how much mileage it has, the year, model and make of the RV and what features it boasts.

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