The Road to Discovering Which Class of RV is Right for you

Mar 28, 2022 Kevin Johnson Comments Disabled
The Road to Discovering Which Class of RV is Right for you

Find Out Which Class of RV is Best For You: Class A, B, or C

Deciding which class of motorhome will be right for you can be difficult when you're first getting acquainted with RV's. There are luxurious Class A RV's, compact Class B RV's, and a good mix between the two in the Class C RV. Take your expectations and budget into account with our breakdown analysis of what to think about when you're going to purchase a new or used RV.

RVs are a great investment for travelers looking to take their camping experience to the next level. In fact, in a report by Business Wire, two-thirds of RV owners responded that RVs are the most cost-efficient travel method. However, purchasing a new RV vehicle is a big decision, and buying a used motorhome is no different. This guide will help you find the perfect motorhome to suit all your needs. After all, determining which RV class is right for you is as simple as remembering your ABC’s.

Class A

Starting at the top of the alphabet are Class A motorhomes, the largest and most spacious type of RV available. These RVs offer similar amenities to those found in modern homes, including a full kitchen and bathroom. Some Class A RVs even include laundry machines for added convenience and comfort. The living, dining, and sleeping areas in Class A motorhomes are significantly larger than other RV types, making them ideal for families—children have more space to spread out and play while traveling. Class A RVs are also great for people looking to live in a motorhome full-time or those embarking on long-term RV trips.

Class B

Class B motorhomes are the smallest type of RV and many refer to them as camper vans, as manufacturers often build them upon the chassis of a van. Due to their smaller size, these RVs are much easier to drive and can maneuver through tight areas, allowing travelers easier access to more remote camping locations.

While their small size is convenient for driving purposes, it also means that the living space is a bit tighter. These RVs do still possess many amenities found in larger RVs, but things are more compact. For instance, some Class B motorhomes have only one cooktop and small fridge in the kitchen and the bathroom may combine the shower, toilet, and sink in one tiny area. Even though these motorhomes are a bit smaller, they still have a spacious sleeping area—some Class B RVs are even able to sleep up to six people. Larger groups may start to feel cramped quickly, however, so these Class B RVs are better suited for smaller groups or short road trips.

Class C

Class C motorhomes are a happy medium for travelers looking for the space of a Class A RV with the drivability of a Class B RV. These motorhomes have similar amenities to the larger models, including larger kitchens with full-size appliances, roomy bathrooms, and a separate dining area. The sleeping area is quite spacious and is usually situated over the cab of the RV, giving this class of motorhome a very distinct and easily recognizable look. Many Class C motorhomes even have additional sleeping areas in the back of the RV, making this the perfect RV for larger groups. Class C motorhomes also offer more cargo space than Class B RVs and may feature slide-out portions that allow you to expand the living space even further. These RVs are perfect for those traveling in a larger group or embarking on a long journey.

If you still find yourself unsure about which RV class is right for you, schedule a viewing with one of our RV brokers. They’ll be able to help you find the perfect RV that best suits your needs.