RV Consignment Guide for 2022

Mar 21, 2022 Kevin Johnson Comments Disabled
RV Consignment Guide for 2022

The Most Extensive Guide to RV and Motorhome Consignment in 2022 - You Will Want to Read This Before Selling Your RV

The Recreational Vehicle industry has seen a tremendous amount of growth in the last few years. This lively lifestyle has attracted thousands of people, which means that RV sales are through the roof. From young families with kids, to wandering digital nomads, to retired couples looking for a more fulfilled experience, the RV lifestyle is becoming an exciting option for many people in the U.S.

Unfortunately life can still get in the way. There are thousands of RVs and Motorhomes sitting out there, not being used. Much like boats, RVs will need proper storage and maintenance. Many people do not have access to storage like this in their own homes, so they reserve to using RV storage facilities. The cost of storing your RV can definitely add up, and having it sit outside for prolonged periods of time can also incur some major maintenance costs. In our opinion, the best solution to this problem is RV consignment.

What Is RV Consignment and How Can I Consign My RV?

If you've never heard of the term consignment do not worry. Much like selling a house, consigning your RV means that you will let a third party, usually an RV dealer, sell your RV for you. The dealer will then take care of phone calls and showing your RV to prospective buyers. On top of this, you will also want this dealer to offer some additional services:

  • Most buyers will want to finance their RV. Make sure that the RV dealership that you're consigning with offers financing options. The best consignment dealers will have a network of specific lenders, which specialize in RV loans.
  • Some dealerships offer extra services like cleaning up your RV, washing it, or staging the inside. These services often have additional fees, but they're very important. Make sure your RV is in clean, presentable, condition before selling it.
  • Consignment fees can vary based on the dealer you choose. They also vary on the type of RV you're selling. Some dealers will have a set commission based on the RV type, and other dealers will charge a percentage based on the final sale price.
  • Many dealers utilize third party marketing platforms to sell your RV. Websites like RV Trader and RVT get thousands of visitors every day. Make sure that your dealer is utilizing at least some of these websites to sell your RV. We recommend dealerships that utilize at least a few of these websites, and don't charge you for advertising fees.

Why Should I Consign My RV?

Whether you outgrew your current motor home or you just don't have enough time to use it, selling your RV is a big decision. That's why we created a pros and cons list that might help you make this tough choice.

The Pros of Consigning Your RV

  • You do not have to advertise your RV. A good RV broker will advertise your RV on their website and other popular sites like RV Trader, RVT, RV Universe, RV USA, and the Facebook Marketplace.
  • RV dealers often have a good amount of foot traffic to their dealership. Often times, potential buyers just want to go out there and look at a bunch of RVs. Good dealers also have a database of potential RV buyers, that are in the market for specific RV models.
  • An RV Broker will handle things like answering phone inquiries and email leads. A good RV dealer should be able to answer any questions related to the sale of your RV.
  • RV dealers often have the advantage of offering different finance options for prospective buyers. They also have the ability to accept trade-ins. Many RV buyers already own an RV, and the ability to accept trades is a must when you pick a consignment dealer.
  • A good consignment dealer will handle all the paperwork for you. From paying off your lean to transferring the title to the new buyers name. A good dealership should do all of this for you.

The Cons of RV Consignment

  • The biggest drawback to consigning your RV is paying a sales commission. Some dealers will also charge you monthly fees, we do not recommend RV consignment programs like this.
  • Your RV will have to be insured while it's being sold on consignment.
  • Often times you will be under contract with the consignment dealership, which will prohibit you from selling your RV anywhere else. It's important to read your consignment contract carefully.
  • You will not be able to use your RV while it's being sold on consignment. You will have to skip those weekend RV trips.

We always recommend doing your own research when it comes to picking a consignment sales dealer. You want to choose an honest company to sell your RV. Take a look at the dealers in your area on Google and read their reviews. Reviews can be a very important indicator on what kind of dealership you're dealing with. Sometimes you might not be able to find a good RV consignment service near you. If you own a high end motorhome, we recommend that you do your research and pick a reputable dealer, even if they're far away from your home base. We always recommend checking Google, Facebook, and Yelp reviews before contacting a consignment dealership.

How do I Find the Best RV Consignment Near Me?

This list is a quick summary of how to pick a good, reputable RV dealer, that has the ability to sell your RV.

  • Use Google search to your advantage and find highly rated RV consignment dealers near you.
  • Read reviews about each dealer on websites like Google and Facebook. Make sure that the dealer has great customer service.
  • Check if the dealer has a finance department and accepts trades.
  • Make sure that their dealership is in a populated area, with lots of potential foot traffic.
  • When you contact a dealer, make sure that they're transparent about their consignment agreement, commission fees, and the value of your RV.

We recommend a dealer that will give you a free appraisal of your motor home or RV. Always contact a dealer to get a sense for their sales staff and their customer service. You always want to make sure that their sales people are knowledgeable and capable of securing a fast sale of your RV. An honest RV broker will go over the used NADA value of your RV and give you the absolute best price.

How to Prepare Your RV For Consignment

Whether you're selling a Class A motor home, Fifth Wheel, Travel Trailer, Toy Hauler or even a Truck Camper, you want to make sure that your RV is ready to be sold. Read the following tips in order to have the best chance of securing a hassle free deal and get top dollar for your RV.

  • Clean your RV! Make sure that your RV is clean, both inside and outside. Be sure to not leave any food items in the fridge or storage compartments. Make sure your water tanks are empty and there are no bad smells inside the recreational vehicle. Often times a consignment dealer will take care of this for you, but you might have to pay some extra fees.
  • Check your RV for things like mechanical issues and water damage. If you find major problems contact a service department to get them repaired. Often times an RV consignment dealer can refer you to a reputable service center or fix those issues on site.
  • If you are able to, bring all service records with you. This will help your RV broker sell the RV for you. You can also bring the MSRP sheet of the RV, if you're the original owner. This will help show the seller which options are included with your RV.
  • Contact a reputable consignment dealer and go over their contract and requirements.

In Conclusion

RV Consignment is best for you if:

  • You want to move on to your next RV and cannot get a fair trade in value.
  • Your RV is just sitting, collecting dust, and depreciating in value every year.

There are some negatives about consignment, like having to pay a sales commission. We believe that the positive aspects of consigning definitely outweigh the negatives, especially if you don't have the time to advertise and show your RV. In order to get the best deal possible, we highly recommend doing your own research.

This article is written by Your RV Broker. We are a top rated, North Texas consignment dealership. We hope that we were able to provide you with some valuable insight into selling your RV. We would love your consideration when choosing a consignment dealer. Our dealership specializes in selling Class A gas motor homes, Class A Diesel Pushers, Class B and B+, and class C RVs. We only sell used motorhomes.

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