RV Buying Guide

Jun 27, 2022 Benjamin Nickel Comments Disabled
RV Buying Guide

Read our RV Buying Guide to find the right RV for you

Buying an RV is a major purchase decision that can be confusing for first time RV buyers or for those wanting to trade in your RV. Knowing what to look for when you're shopping around for the right RV for your lifestyle and needs will help you best prepare for the adventures ahead. Though buying an RV is exciting, it's important to know what amenities are available and what is most important to reach the pinnacle of your traveling expectations. That's why we've put together our RV Buying Guide to help simplify the decision making process. So if you're beginning your search for a new RV or you have been at it for months now, we'll help you decide on what qualifies as your dream RV. Let's look at a few things first.

What is an RV?

RV stands for Recreational Vehicle. Today, this term includes travel trailers and fifth wheels along with your typical Class A, Class B, and Class C motorhomes. RV's come in many different sizes and with a variety of amenities that come with price points ranging from $25,000 to $200,000. You can check out our RV inventory that includes all of the following RV types and find one in your price range.

Which RV is Right For Me?

RV's are built to make traveling and experiencing new adventures fun and more comfortable without the worry and hassle of dealing with hotels and reaching certain stopping points each day throughout a trip on your way to a destination. But, they provide a lot of comforts along the way. RVs are great for families and couples looking to take road trips, travel to see family, go on vacation, or live in the RV full-time.

So, while you're exploring your RV options and the RVs for sale in Texas, keep in mind the types of activities and purpose of your travel will be in your RV. Keep in mind that there are great RV Financing options available at Your RV Broker and we can help you get a deal that you can afford even when financing may seem difficult. We also recommend that you buy a used RV because of the cost/value benefit of used RV depreciation. This will help you find an RV that fits your budget as well as your lifestyle to find the perfect balance.

New or Used RV?

We went into great detail on why used RVs are a better value than new ones in our recent article that includes information on depreciation, best types of RVs to hold value, and why you should buy an RV that's at least one year old. You can shop for used RVs and motorhomes at Your RV Broker.

Practically new and even many used RVs feature many of the top requested features and designs. At Your RV Broker, we offer a wide variety of used RVs, making it easy to get a great deal on a used RV.

Picking the Right Type of RV

We recently talked about choosing between the different types of RVs. If you're unfamiliar with the different types of RVs, then you should check out a quick breakdown of what separates the different classes of motorhomes and RVs. Here's a quick summary off of that as well, because you should have an idea of what type of RV will best fit your needs.

  • Class A RV - Largest class of RV and typically diesel with the most amenities. These offer plenty of room and luxury as you would expect from a home.
  • Class B RV - Smallest RV type and usually contains basic cooking and sleeping space. These are known as camper vans and are .
  • Class C RV - Mid-sized RV and usually contains the same features as a Class B with a toilet and HVAC too. Has some features of the Class A in more of a Class B size.
  • Travel Trailer - Towable RV on the smaller side and can usually be towed even by SUVs. Perfect camping setup.
  • Fifth Wheel - Largest towable RV type with the most amenities. Extremely popular with truck owners looking for smooth towing and larger living spaces.
  • Toy Hauler - Garage-style storage great for carrying equipment for camping and adventure. These are some of the lightest RVs and come with fold-up walls and ceilings for expanded space at the campsite.

Should I Choose Gas or Diesel for My Motorhome?

When deciding on an RV, the fuel type really does matter and should be considered for your travel needs. Both gas and diesel come with pros and cons. Gas powered RVs are typically cheaper, but diesel RVs typically hold their resale value better.

When traveling in your RV you will notice the difference quickly in gas vs. diesel as gas burns faster than diesel. Diesel is very fuel efficient and has the torque to support driving up mountains and facing more extreme weather conditions.

To get help making a decision with your RV, contact us at Your RV Broker to discuss the best RV options for your traveling experience.