Get A Good Deal Buying an RV

Dec 22, 2022 Kevin Johnson Comments Disabled
Get A Good Deal Buying an RV

When buying a used RV, the ability to trust the DFW RV dealer and the salesman is so important. With so many options available it’s easy to be overwhelmed with everything as a customer, which makes it easier for more shady salesmen to slip in extra fees and costs. Or, they may even try to get away with not being completely up front about the condition of the RV you are trying to buy. Despite all of the options and the pressure to make sure you get a good deal, don’t let shady salesmen get one over on you with these tips.

Avoid Hidden Fees And Costs

Dealers looking to maximize their profits at the expense of their customer-base love to add hidden fees and costs. Unfortunately, this isn’t really illegal since they technically mention it somewhere. These shady dealers just obscure the fees and costs until the very last second when it’s time to pay up.

One of the ways they try to wrangle you into a “good deal” is adding taxes, fees, and other costs at the very end. This can be an unpleasant surprise and put you in a tight spot. These salesmen rely on the pressure of the fact that you’re already about to complete the purchase, and that it would be awkward to pull out of the deal at the last second. Always remember that unless you’ve signed all of the required paperwork, you are under no obligation to continue with the deal if you’re uncomfortable.

Verify The RV Inspection And Condition

Any reputable RV dealership should be willing to provide you with an accurate inspection report on the condition of the RV. Still, some less reputable dealers perform their own in-house inspections and skew the inspection results to make the RV look like it’s in better condition than it really is. 

If the dealership is reputable and trustworthy, they should have zero issue with you asking for a third party RV inspection of your choice just to be sure. This other inspector has no incentive to lie about the condition of the RV as they will be paid for the inspection regardless of what the report says.

Read Reviews And What Others Have To Say

When people have a bad experience at a business, they are very vocal about it. Sometimes, people get upset because they just didn’t get their way. One bad review out of a large amount is probably not going to be much of a red flag when choosing who to do business with.

Multiple negative reviews, especially if these reviews are all similar experiences and situations, are definitely a red flag. If you look at a dealership’s reviews and numerous people complain about shady tactics or adding on hidden fees at the last second, then chances are they are going to do the same to you. Reading these reviews and making your own decision on who to do business with can help you to avoid a lot of stress and headache with buying a used RV.

Trusted Used RV Dealer In Fort Worth

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