Enjoy the benefits of cooking in your RV !

Sep 18, 2019 Kevin Johnson Comments Disabled

Have a plan for how often you eat out

A huge source of joy while traveling involves taking in the culture of new locations by trying the local cuisine. While eating out is certainly a beloved staple of any road trip, making a daily habit of it certainly adds up quickly. 

One of the easiest ways to save money is utilizing the kitchen your home-on-wheels is equipped with. Cook your own meals, and make large quantities at once so that you can eat leftovers later. Basics like PB&J offer you quick, instant meal options, which will help prevent you from giving into the temptation of another restaurant visit when you get hungry. 

Remember, you don’t have to skip eating out altogether, but instead, come up with a plan that’s budget-friendly. fMaybe you only eat out once a week or once per town you stop in. Whatever plan you create, incorporating more home-cooked meals will help keep your wallet and your belly full. .

Enjoy these great ideas for meals on the road. https://www.pinterest.com/rvroundtable/recipes/