Diesel Pusher Motorhomes for Sale

Apr 25, 2022 Benjamin Nickel Comments Disabled
Diesel Pusher Motorhomes for Sale

What is a Diesel Pusher Motorhome?

A Class A Diesel Pusher Motorhome is a Class A motorhome powered by a diesel engine mounted in the rear of the RV. These RV's claim the spot as the largest and most complete motorhomes on the market. Diesel pusher motorhomes are more expensive than their gas-engine counterpars because they offer many more features.

Why do they call them diesel pushers?

Diesel Pushers get their name from the engine being located in the back so that they can provide much more torque to climb hills and pull larger vehicles and trailers.

camping trailer that is hitched to the back of a truck and mounted in the center of the truck bed. Fifth wheels received their name from the original design of being horse-drawn carriages back in the 1850's. The manufacturers back then placed a horizontal wheel on the cargo frame or the "truck" that let the front axle pivot on its own.

What are the most reliable Diesel Motorhomes?

What are the most reliable diesel pusher RVs? Who makes the most reliable diesel motorhomes? Our top rated diesel pusher motorhomes are the following:

  1. The Newmar Ventana 4369
  2. Tiffin Allegro Bus Motorhome
  3. Newmar Dutch Star 4369
  4. Tiffin Allegro Breeze 31 BR
  5. Winnebago Forze 34T

As you can see the Newmar, Tiffin, and Winnebago make great Class A Diesel RV's. They can sleep 5-8 people each and these are the top of the line Class A motorhomes.

How much are Diesel Pusher Motorhomes?

The average cost of a new Diesel Pusher Motorhome is between $250,000 and $600,000 and up. Now, prices do vary depending on the manufacturer you choose, the size of the vehicle, the floorplan, any extra features you get, and how old the RV is.

What are the advantages of a Diesel Pusher?

Why are diesel pushers better? It's a long list:

  • Better braking
  • Better suspension
  • Can pull more weight
  • Larger motorhome means more storage and interior space
  • Lasts longer
  • Less frequent maintenance
  • More Effecient / Better mileage than similar sized Class A RV's
  • Quieter cockpit and driving is more comfortable

What are the disadvantages of a Diesel Pusher RV?

The primary disadvantage with Diesel RV's is cost. Everything is more expensive with a Diesel Pusher Motorhome. Disadvantages of diesel pusher RV's include:

  • The fact that diesel prices have risen rapidly and they guzzle diesel fuel quickly
  • High repair costs

Diesel Pushers RVs for Sale in Texas

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