Class C Motorhomes for Sale

Apr 11, 2022 Benjamin Nickel Comments Disabled
Class C Motorhomes for Sale

What is a Class C Motorhome?

A Class C Motorhome is a mid-sized motorhome built with a cab or what is called a "cut-away chassis". This chassis provide the front structure of a van or 2500 class truck, making it the middle of the pack motorhome. They sport wheels of 16" all the way up to 24.5". They are also typically cheaper than their Class B counterpart.

Have you seen the motorhomes on the road that look like a truck built with a motorhome for the back end? You've probably seen them on TV like in Breaking Bad. Those are class C motorhomes.

The great thing about Class C motorhomes is that your normal license qualifies you to be able to drive these RV's in Texas. Many people like Class C motorhomes because they feel familiar to their own vehicle.

What are the most reliable Class C Motorhomes?

What are the most reliable Class C motorhomes? Who makes the most reliable Class C RV? Dynamax, Entegra, Tiffin, and Greyhawk all make incredibly reputable class C RV's and are some of the best Class C motorhomes. They're extremely reliable and long lasting, and they receive positive reviews from owners.

Is a Class C RV worth it?

Class C RV's are amazing affordable motorhomes worth it to many users. If you're needing space for travel storage and a place to sleep with one or two other people, then Class C motorhomes are the right size for you. You also enjoy a more normal feeling drive and when repairs ARE needed, then you can sleep separate from where all the work is being done.

How much is a Class C Motorhome

The average cost of a new Class C RV is between $50,000 to $100,000. Used Class C Motorhomes can be as low as $25,000 on occasion. Now, prices do vary depending on the manufacturer you choose, the size of the vehicle, the floorplan, any extra features you get, and how old the RV is.

What are the advantages of a Class C Motorhome?

Why is Class C Better? First off, affordability. Class C motorhomes are extremely affordable compared to their larger and even smaller counterparts. It's the perfect mid-sized RV allowing you some floor space, but also maximizing the value of the space used. You can travel anywhere on the road without the hassles of having to separate your vehicle from the RV, but still taking advantage of having the engine separate during maintenance. Over the cab space can be used as a sleep space or storage. It's up to you!

What are the disadvantages of a Class C Motorhome

MPG is bad. No way around it. Maintenance is more expensive than towables and the driver isn't as smooth as the truck chassis normally provides in a typical truck. Price is also higher than most towables. The overr-the-cab design can cause seams to separate and allow water leaks.

Class C Motorhomes for Sale in Texas

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