A Quick Guide To Brokering Your RV

Jun 22, 2022 Benjamin Nickel Comments Disabled
A Quick Guide To Brokering Your RV

Selling your RV on your own can be a hassle. You have to make sure all of the paperwork is squared away, the RV is in a sellable condition, and find ways to actually let people know that your RV is for sale. If you are selling privately, then you are stuck with accepting cash. There are RV consignments that you can go to, but you can accrue some hefty fees just to be able to do that.

That’s why you should find a trusted, reputable RV broker. You can get more money from selling your RV with less work. Here’s a quick guide on using Your RV Broker to get your RV sold fast and easy.

Your RV Broker - Sell Your RV Quick And Easy

At Your RV Broker, we set out to be different from other companies that do consignments. We brought a personal love of the RV life to our way thinking, and understood that our customers need to be put first. We figured if the buying and selling process was easier then we could get more people into their perfect RV to enjoy life. That’s why we have a lot of differences from other consignments.

How Brokering Your RV Works

The first step is to get in contact with us. Then we can start getting into the technical specifications of your RV as well as help you determine a fair value. If you’re ready to get your RV listed, all we need is a little paperwork and then you’re pretty much done. The best part? You, as the seller, get to set the price that your RV will sell for.

We handle virtually all of the work for you, starting with arranging the pickup of your RV or motorhome so we can transport it straight to our lot in Justin, Texas. From there, our experienced team starts the marketing process. We take professional photos of your RV and utilize them for advertisement posts. 

Now we can start getting the word out. We use numerous different platforms to let people know that your RV is now for sale at our lot. Your RV Broker utilizes platforms like Facebook, RV groups, Google, and well-known sites like RVTrader.com. Within the first few days, the listing for your RV will be seen by hundreds if not thousands of potential buyers.

When you try to sell on your own, you have to find the time to field questions and concerns about the RV. When you broker with us, you don’t have to do any of that. We handle everything on your behalf from marketing to customer service to sales. Plus, we’re experts with selling RV’s which makes it incredibly easy for us to take on these questions and concerns from potential buyers.

Being an OCCC licensed RV broker, we are able to arrange financing for buyers. This expands on the buyers that you can get for your RV compared to trying to sell it privately. We have good relations with numerous financing options around Fort Worth. We are even able to offer prospective buyers the options for extended warranties and even using trade-ins.

We have a buyer for your RV, so now what? This whole time, we have handled everything for you with no out-of-pocket cost on your end. No storage fees, no advertising fees, no fees of any kind. Now that we have a sale, we take a flat percentage fee from the sale price and that’s it. We don’t spring any surprise fees or costs on you. 

Best RV Brokering And Sales In Texas

Looking to sell your RV or motorhome without all of the hassle? Give us a call today at Your RV Broker to start the process to broker your RV with little effort from you. We’ll handle everything from start to finish so all you really do is get paid.