6 Things To Check Before Buying A Used RV

Aug 01, 2022 Benjamin Nickel Comments Disabled
6 Things To Check Before Buying A Used RV

If you’re looking to buy a used RV, do you know some of the important things you should check before making your purchase? This is especially vital if you are buying your RV in a private sale without the protection of a reputable RV dealer like Your RV Broker. By knowing what you should be looking at and checking as you browse RV’s, you protect yourself in both the short term and the long term against costly repairs. Here are six of some of the most important pieces of information we believe you should check before buying a used RV.

Ask About Electrical Problems

This is something that you often don’t have to worry about when you’re looking to buy a regular vehicle. But since RV’s are made so that you could essentially live in them, they have more in depth electrical systems. Things such as actual electrical outlets and wiring are common, as well as appliances you’d find in a home like a fridge or even a washer/dryer combo in some RV’s. Making sure the electrical systems are in good condition is important not only for your wallet, but also for your safety.

Check For Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most common culprits when it comes to RV damage, especially in the roof. When water gets into the wooden aspects of the RV, it can cause wood rot and deterioration. While the most common place for this is the roof, severe water damage can reach the floor, tables, counters, and even the bed. Physical damage is a factor here, but water damage also leads to hazards like mold and pests, too.

Ask For The VIN

If you’re looking at buying a used RV, whether from an RV dealer or through a private sale, ask to check the VIN, or the Vehicle Identification Number. This can give you an idea on more legal statuses of the vehicle, especially when it comes to insurance. For example, you’ll be able to see if an RV has a salvage title on it due to being totaled. Some sellers will “dress up” a vehicle to make it look nice when in reality, it’s suffered from extensive damage.

Make Sure To Check Mileage And Tire Condition

The last thing you want to have to do after buying a used RV is replacing the tires. When looking at RV’s, check the condition of the tires that it currently has. Even just an inspection of the physical appearance might give you an idea. However, you should never stop at the appearance. Although it is likely uncommon, there are deceptive ways that some sellers can make tires look better than they actually are.

You can also ask to physically check the mileage on the RV, and ask if the tires are the originals or if a new set was put on the RV. Tires in poor shape? As a buyer, this can be used as a negotiation tool when trying to buy a used RV.

Is The Roof In Good Condition?

Always check the roof! The roof of an RV is one of the most important defenses that the RV has against the element and should be carefully maintained. Especially when it comes to the larger RV’s, the roof can be expensive to replace. This isn’t an expense that you want to add shortly after buying an RV. Make a visual inspection of the roof, or ask for an inspection report on the roof before buying. Just like tires in bad condition, a roof in bad condition can also be a negotiation piece for price.

Check Warranties

Another good thing to check on are warranties. Many warranties are transferable when an RV is sold to another party. Knowing what your potentially new RV is covered for is important information to know. Information regarding warranties can also tell you if a warranty has been used for something already, so you know if the RV has had damage.

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