3 Things To Consider Before Buying An RV

Sep 26, 2022 Benjamin Nickel Comments Disabled
3 Things To Consider Before Buying An RV

Whether this is your first RV buying experience or you’re trying to correct a past experience, you should take time to think through all of your available options. When it comes to RVs there is no “one size fits all” mold. There are so many differences between classes of RV, size, hauling capacity, and of course, price range.

Before you commit to this big investment, do your research and seek out some professional advice from the folks at Your RV Broker. With over 30 years experience in the RV realm and a successful family business up and running, the Johnson family will be able to walk you through pros and cons of different setups and help you determine what will best suit your needs and wants.

Used vs New RV’s

Perhaps the biggest determining factor when considering what type of RV to purchase is the debate between new or used. Of course, a used RV will be more affordable than a brand new RV and a new RV may very well have more bells and whistles than an older RV. But does the value of a new RV outweigh the benefit of not spending a fortune on a good, but used RV? When you’re considering a used RV versus a new RV, keep in mind:

  • Valuation drops considerably as soon as you leave the lot with a brand new RV
  • More likely to stay within your budget when purchasing used
  • More willing to renovate using your personal touch

At Your RV Broker, we only carry used RVs, mainly because we believe that everyone should have a chance to own an RV for adventures of their own if they desire to. The benefit of having an inventory full of used RVs is that our whole inventory is more affordable for all the various classes, styles and sizes of RVs there are to choose from, not to mention the many different features RVs can offer.

What Do You Plan To Use The RV For?

Another key consideration before buying used or new is to think through what you plan to use the RV for. If you want to have a homey space for traveling the country in your accustomed level of comfort, you might like to have an RV that you can renovate and update without feeling guilty about taking apart a new RV. Maybe you just want a space big enough for the family to gather in and hit the road without having to plan hotels for every night and rest stops every few hours. If you are looking for an RV to take you on adventures across the country and provide you a comfortable, safe place to sleep at night, a used RV that has passed an inspection is a great route to go to do just that.

Always Ask For The Inspection

You wouldn’t buy a car or a home without having a guarantee of an inspection and receiving a report to follow up with. Purchasing an RV shouldn’t be any different! Without an RV inspection, you may be missing knowledge critical to keeping you and your family and friends safe. When your RV is inspected, the inspector will look for any signs of damage or stress to the structure of the RV, the condition of the tires and wheels, interior inspection, and a comprehensive inspection of the engine, among other things. At Your RV Broker, all of our RV’s pass a comprehensive inspection test before ever being allowed on our lot.

Buy A Used RV From Your RV Broker

When you’re ready to seal the deal on an awesome, used RV, Your RV Broker is the dealer to turn to. Our fully used inventory remains top of the line with all of our RVs passing inspections and just waiting for you to make them your new home. Contact Kevin and Camilla Johnson and Your RV Brokers at 817-409-8997 to speak about available options.