2023 RV Buyers Guide

Sep 19, 2022 Benjamin Nickel Comments Disabled
2023 RV Buyers Guide

Your RV Broker is providing a 2023 RV Buyers Guide to help RVers purchase a used RV at a great price. We are here to help you find a used RV that will hold its lomg term value, offer the features and amenities that matter to you, and we're also here to teach and explain the differences between RV brands. Our 2023 RV Buyer's Guide will cover the pros and cons of the top brands and links to detailed information regarding the different RV types. In effect, our guide will walk you through all of the purchase information you need to make an informed decision regarding purchasing a used RV throughout the upcoming year.

New to RV Buying

If you're new to RV buying and this is your first RV, we have a lot of great advice on how to find and buy an RV in our general RV Buying Guide that you should read first. There are a lot of initial questions that many people ask that you may find answer your questions as well. Some of these include:

  • Learning the ins and outs of what an RV is and how they are classified
  • Figuring out the best type of RV for your lifestyle and traveling plans
  • Picking the best RV type for your budget and the features that matter to you
  • Selecting between gas or diesel
  • And more!

Returning RV Buyers

A lot has changed with RVs over the years and if you're looking at RVs currently, now is the best time to buy for the forseeable future if you're planning to finance an RV. Interest rates are on the rise and that means cash is king for buying a new RV. Financing is still a good option for the moment, so if you're looking to buy and want low monthly payments on a used RV, now is the time to buy.

Recreational vehicles themselves have improved a lot over the years. Space is better optimized for comfort, features have improved on everything from the roof seals, durability, showers, TV and media options, and of course the luxury quality of life that you get in newer RVs feels pretty much on par with luxury apartments.

Special Features To Look For

As you start the process of searching for a used RV in 2023, you'll see recurring terms and floor plans depending upon the style of RV you are interested in. Some features you should look for are:

  • Bunkbeds: These beds range from stacked corner beds to luxurious and roomy beds that maximize space.
  • Couple's Coach: This refers to a one room RV, with an open room and no bunk beds.
  • Dry Weight: RV weight prior to adding supplies or individuals to the RV.
  • Holding Water Tank System: 
    • Black: Sewage tank
    • Gray: Wastewater from sinks and showers
    • Fresh: Clean water supply
  • Payload Capacity: The weight your car can safely tow which is extremely important when planning to pull a travel trailer of 5th wheel.

Common floor plans can include:

  • Bunkhouse
  • Rear Living / Front Living
  • Rear / Front Entertainment
  • Rear / Front Kitchen

Types of RV'ers: Which Type Are You?

As you learn more about the RV community, you will notice that there are a lot of different types of RV'ers (people that travel in RV's regularly). Some spend more time on the road, others parked, others off the grid, and some don't even travel very far from home. Let's look at the different types of RV'ers and find where you might fit in best. According to the RV Industry Association Demographic Profile these are the different types of RV'ers:

  • Adventure Seekers: Adventure Seekers: A small group of RVers setting off to explore long term
  • Avid RVers: Always wanting to go RVing when they have a chance.
  • Casual Campers: Go during the warmer months but enjoy this way of traveling.
  • Escapists: RVers enjoy the freedom of camping for a few months.
  • Escapists: RVers enjoy the freedom of camping for a few months. 
  • Family Campers: Grew up RVing and want to continue RVing as a family and create the same memories they experienced. 
  • Full Timers: People who live year-long in an RV and enjoy the freedom of RVing. 
  • Happy Campers: Use RVs as a way to leave for the season.

Which type of RV'er are you? 

Whether you have goals of RV'ing for months out of the year, or just for family vacations, you can find an RV in our currenty inventory that works for you. Start looking at used RV's at our RV Consignment Dealership today!